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Current Contributors[edit]

Table: Current Whonix ™ Contributors [1]

Name Role
Patrick Schleizer
  • Whonix ™ founder and lead developer.
HulaHoop [archive]
  • Whonix ™ KVM contributor, miscellaneous.
  • Research.
  • Whonix ™ social media administrator.
Jason Ayala
  • IRC User Support.
  • Testing.
  • Whonix ™ wiki screenshots and Libre illustrations.
  • Whonix ™ social media administrator.
Devitra or Lilias_sorcha
torjunkie [archive]
  • Wiki editor and research.
  • Wiki documentation audit.
iry [archive]
madaidan [archive]
  • Kernel hardening. [5]
  • AppArmor improvements. [6]
  • Numerous, miscellaneous security commits. [7]
Inga Bemman
  • GI Engineer, contributor
Sirus Shahini [archive]
  • tirdad [archive] (Tirdad kernel module for random ISN generation)
  • Security consultant.
  • Whonix-Host

For the full list of Whonix ™ components and the respective contributor, see here. [8]

Past Contributors[edit]

Whonix ™ would not exist in its current form without the significant efforts of numerous contributors from the community. Gratitude is expressed to all past contributors, big or small.

Table: Previous Whonix ™ Contributors [9]

Name Contributions
  • TorBOX wiki editor.
  • English language fixes.
  • python leaktest script creation.
  • Contact: smarm [at] hushmail dot com.
Cypherpunks / Anonymous
  • TorBOX build shell script creation.
  • Initial TorBOX binary releases. [10]
  • Rewrote the TorBOX guide for VirtualBox, instead of VMware. [11]
  • Improved the iptables firewall configuration and added a hardening section. [12]
  • Previous forum moderator [archive] at the legacy sourceforge Whonix ™ forum.
  • Contributed a phone number so the Google+ and Youtube Whonix ™ accounts could be created.
  • Documentation feedback.
  • Tested Whonix ™ images.
  • Feedback on Whonix ™ source code and change commits.
  • Reviewed Whonix ™ build documentation.
  • Tested building Whonix ™ from source code.
  • Helped integrate TorChat into Whonix ™.
  • Reviewed matters concerning public relations.
  • Documentation feedback.
  • Created the original TorBOX logo.
Cuan Knaggs
  • Created the Whonix ™ stream isolation graphic.
  • Contact: revolver [archive] print media for graphical web design, web development, cms and e-commerce.
  • First Whonix ™ integration into Qubes.
  • IRC User Support.
Ego [archive]
entropy [archive]
  • Testing.
  • Forum user support and forum moderator.
troubadour [archive]
0brand [archive]

Project Statements[edit]

The personal opinions of moderators or contributors to the Whonix ™ project do not represent the project as a whole.


  1. Contributors are listed in rough chronological order.
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  3. See Whonix ™ for arm64 [archive].
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  7. Including systemd sandboxing, blacklisting of uncommon network protocols, restricting hardware information to root, and more restrictive Whonix ™ file permissions.
  8. Interested readers can also refer to a previous forum discussion about Whonix ™ contributors [archive].
  9. Contributors are listed in rough chronological order. Please add your name / handle and contribution(s) here if they have not already been listed.
  10. February 2012; TorBOX was a forerunner to Whonix ™.
  11. February 2012.
  12. February 2012.
  13. Past role: Wiki translations coordinator.
  14. Forerunner to Anon Connection Wizard.
  15. See Comments to use Qubes onion repository [archive].

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